Multidimensional Imaging System

O arm 18

Saint Francis Healthcare is the first hospital in the Memphis area to acquire the O-arm® Multidimensional Imaging System for use with adult patients. The O-arm combines the technology of a CT scan with virtual navigation, and will be primarily utilized by Saint Francis Healthcare's surgeons during spine surgeries. The system provides surgeons with three-dimensional, high quality images before, during and after surgical procedures.

When the O-arm Surgical Imaging System is coupled with StealthStation Navigation®, surgeons can better pinpoint the precise location of implant hardware. This technology functions similar to a GPS and allows the surgeon to see exact placement of surgical instrumentation throughout the procedure. This can result in more precision by the surgeon, and can help reduce the risk of unnecessarily touching a patient's nerves, muscle, tissue or bone.



Potential benefits of the O-arm technology include:

  • Smaller incisions, resulting in less pain, quicker recovery times and a decreased chance of infection or other complications.
  • More accurate placement of surgical hardware. The O-arm imaging provides surgeons with the opportunity to verify correct placement and make any adjustments prior to the patient leaving the operating room.
  • Verifying precision of initial hardware placement can potentially reduce the need for follow-up surgery.

For more information or to find a physician that specializes in surgeries with O-arm technology, please call (866) 929-6863.

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