Glenda's Story

Jun 6, 2019

Glenda Ward, served as an executive assistance for 30+ year with IBW Labor Hall and retired from Memphis Light, Gas and Water after 10 years of service. She has always been an excellent cook and began catering on the side at the behest of her friends and family. Everyone says her best dish is spaghetti and meat sauce.

Glenda and TammonOn Nov. 27, 2018, Tammon was up early for prayer calls and when her mother, Glenda, entered the room. Tammon noticed a glazed look in her mom’s face and speech began to get slower. Tammon questioned her mom to see if she was alright and she noticed her mom had begun to slur her speech. Tammon insisted that they go to the hospital because she thought her mom might be having a stroke. On the way to the car she noticed that her mom began to hesitate in her walk. “Saint Francis was closest to us and I was familiar with it and knew I could get my mother there. We came to ER and my mother was assessed by the staff who quickly responded and gathered the team to start treatment. She was diagnosed with a blood clot on the left side of her brain. But at that point she was still able to hear and follow commands. The ER staff was kind and attentive and personable. She was sent to ICU for three days and was still able to talk and was alert. The following day she couldn’t talk which lasted for three days.” Glenda was transferred to the 5th floor for further recovery. Tammon commented that the staff and support they received was amazing but her mom was still unable to talk and wasn’t mobile.

“Once she was stabilized we had to look for the place to go next for therapy. We were given a list of facilities but we wanted to stay within the hospital and transfer to Saint Francis Inpatient rehab (one floor down) but she didn’t meet the criteria on paper. Our prayers were answered, after working with the staff, we were able to get her admitted to the Saint Francis Inpatient Rehab so she could continue her care at the hospital. Every shift, they treated her like their mom, grandmom or sister - another answer to my prayers. She’s always been independent but this experience has taught her to receive help from others and she has improved every day.”

With Glenda’s hard work in therapy, she’s regaining her speech and mobility. “The love, care, and attentive handling has played a part in the healing,” says Tammon. Without a doubt, Glenda says she would recommend anyone in her situation to come to Saint Francis. Glenda is looking forward to getting home and back to her life. Tammon’s advice to others, “The Bible says,’Faith without works is dead’ so we have to put in the work, support your family and press forward.”