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1 in 7 men are affected by prostate cancer. Is your PSA rising? Talk with our nurse navigator about new options.

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Urological cancers have always been difficult to detect early—until now.

With any cancer, early detection is the key to a positive prognosis. For a long time, cancer in the bladder or prostate has been extremely difficult for physicians to visualize early, if at all. But thanks to Saint Francis Hospital-Memphis and two new urological cancer detection technologies, that’s about to change.

UroNav prostate biopsy and Blue Light Cystoscopy

With the UroNav smart prostate biopsy and Blue Light Cystoscopy smart bladder cancer screening, our physicians are helping bring greater insight and clarity to your urological health. Saint Francis Hospital-Memphis is the only hospital within 150 miles that offers these procedures. Don’t settle for uncertain or unclear anymore. Take advantage of these new technologies for more precise detection—and more peace of mind.