Older adults with complex medical problems often need specialized care that they cannot receive from a caregiver or at a nursing home. For seniors who require advanced care, Saint Francis Hospital offers a comprehensive elder care program that focuses on both mental and behavioral health. Our team performs individual assessments to determine the appropriate method of care and looks beyond the initial cause of the hospital stay to improve the patient’s overall health.

We offer both an inpatient acute care unit specifically for adults ages 65 and older as well as a special membership program for those aged 50 and older called Senior Class.

Acute Care for the Elderly (ACE)

Saint Francis Hospital provides care that is tailored to the unique needs of patients 65 and older through our Acute Care for Seniors (ACS) Inpatient Unit. Our team of health care professionals reviews and monitors each patient’s progress, problems and needs to help reduce loss of independent function. By looking at the total care picture rather than focusing just on the illness that led to the hospital stay, our staff is better able to help you or your loved one after the hospital stay has ended.

We make use of a state-of-the-art patient monitoring system, Care View, which allows for minimal use of physical restraints, creating a more comfortable environment. The ACS Unit is designed to encourage patients to socialize and remain as active as possible.

The ACS Unit offers special features that include:

  • Board-certified geriatrician medical director
  • Staff specially trained to meet geriatric patient needs
  • Telemetry (cardiac monitoring)
  • Emphasis on appropriate nutrition and mobility for seniors
  • Minimal use of catheters and physical restraints
  • Special Care Unit that cares for mildly confused patients, featuring a one-to-two staff-to-patient ratio
  • Senior Activity Lounge, including a flat screen TV, Wii games, board games, library and music

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