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Now Offering Online Appointments at Saint Francis Hospital - Women's Center

The Saint Francis Breast Center has a tradition of specialized healthcare services for your very special needs. Through the years, the Breast Center has made a commitment to provide a comfortable, attractive facility, staffed with caring professionals.

Whether it’s a screening or a diagnostic procedure, the Center offers privacy and dignity, all within the Saint Francis Hospital complex. We’re conveniently located in the hospital, near other services and departments, with easy access and free parking.

Our Breast Center staff provides individualized service and advice…from explaining the procedure to providing information on self-examinations. And, at the Breast Center, you know right away that your health and overall well being are important to us.

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Mammograms aren’t fun, and anyone who tries to convince you otherwise is a liar. But the fact is, they are vital – since they are still the most effective form of early detection for breast cancer. We’re here to help keep you from becoming just another statistic.

Who Needs Screening?

Many women with breast cancer have no symptoms, which makes screening even more important. The American Cancer Society recommendations for women of average risk (no personal or family history, or genetic predisposition):

  • Age 40-44 - optional mammogram
  • Age 45-55 - annual mammogram
  • Age 55+ - option for mammogram every two years, or annually

If you think you may have higher than average risk for breast cancer, please talk with your doctor about recommendations for screenings and frequency. For example, the presence of certain genes like BRCA may put you at risk to get an especially aggressive type of cancer at an early age. Know your risk for greater peace of mind.

Breast Cancer Screening

Our team is ready to provide you with comprehensive screening services including:

  • Digital diagnostic mammography
  • Stereotactic biopsies
  • Breast Ultrasound

We’ve made a commitment to serve you and we welcome your comments. Please call us at (901) 765-1755 if you have any questions.

Breast Cancer Quiz

How much do you know about breast cancer? Could you be at risk?

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