after-surgery-minLife After Weight Loss Surgery

At Saint Francis Center for Surgical Weight Loss, we do not measure the success of our program only by the amount of weight our patients lose, but also in the improvement of the quality of their lives. The surgery itself is only one component of a successful treatment plan; while it will certainly help you lose weight, you must continue to work hard through exercise and dietary changes to obtain the maximum, lifelong benefits of the surgery.

Successful patients embrace a new mindset.

Patients report an improved quality of life after weight loss surgery. Many medical conditions are improved or resolved. They actually have the energy to enjoy life. They are no longer embarrassed by their weight and have the confidence to try many things that they have not attempted in the past.

Many weight loss surgery patients express elation on being able to do things that may seem trivial to the non-obese person, such as, going to the store, playing with their children, getting in and out of a car, riding a roller coaster, shopping for regular sized clothes, crossing their legs, tying their own shoes, traveling…the list is endless.

Our patients learn what it is like to feel better and have improved health. The surgery gives them a tool to reinforce the positive lifestyle changes they are ready to make. Our support groups are an integral part of maintaining this commitment.

Join our growing number of people who have made the decision to CHANGE Their LIVES.


Support After Surgery

Weight loss surgery may help you meet your weight-loss, health, and lifestyle goals. However, once you’ve undergone weight loss surgery, you’ll need to learn some new habits to make sure that you lose weight and keep it off. Remember, this is NOT a diet but rather a weight-loss tool to help you change your life.


Regardless of the type of surgery you choose, you’ll need to work with your physician and a dietitian to construct a healthy diet plan to assure both weight loss and good nutrition. You’ll be creating a plan for your new life, therefore it is important to follow it permanently for the sake of protecting your health. Our licensed dietitians can teach you about healthy food choices and new methods of food preparation.


Undergoing weight loss surgery is a major life-changing experience. You’ll have a whole new set of lifestyle guidelines for maintaining your weight loss and health goals.

Ongoing Support

Meet the challenges adjusting to life post operatively with the commitment of ongoing education and support. Talking to a professional about your previous struggles with obesity and your current struggles with your new post-surgery lifestyle can help you understand more about yourself, and help you stay focused on your goals. You may also find that being involved in support groups with other people who have experienced similar struggles can be extremely helpful and help you stay motivated. We highly encourage everyone to attend support group meetings after their surgery. If you are unable to attend the meetings, try to find a group that you can get together with to support each other.

You Can Do It!

Our team of weight loss surgery professionals is ready to guide you every step of the way on your journey to rediscovering your self-confidence and enjoying a longer, healthier and more active life.



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