Sleep Center

Do you find yourself awaking in the middle of the night often? Always tired during the day? Or having pauses in breathing while sleeping? The Saint Francis Sleep Center may be able to help you to see if these are symptoms of a sleep disorder. Talk to your doctor about a referral to the Saint Francis Sleep Center if you’re experiencing any of the following sleep disorder symptoms:

  • Excessive daytime sleepiness
  • Snoring, choking, gasping or pauses in breathing while sleeping
  • Recurrent awakening
  • Non-refreshing sleep
  • Daytime fatigue
  • Trouble concentrating

An evaluation at our Sleep Center will help us to determine if you may be a candidate for a sleep study or other services we offer. The procedures that we perform include:

  • Multiple sleep latency studies (Nap studies)
  • Mean wakefulness tests for public transport employees
  • Overnight sleep studies with and without CPAP (a machine that helps people with sleep apnea breathe better)
  • Sleep clinic with CPAP education and mask fitting
  • Follow-up visits for CPAP patients to check equipment and compliance   

If you’re having trouble sleeping, we want to help you find a solution. Talk to your doctor about the Saint Francis Sleep Center to see if our services may be helpful for you. For more information about our program, please call us at (901) 765-2751.