The Barnabas Program

Barnabas Program PhotoSaint Francis Hospital – Memphis is offering a new faith-based psychiatric inpatient treatment program to complement its traditional behavioral health program.

The Barnabas Program is available to adults, geriatric and adolescent patients.

The Barnabas Program:
  • Derives its name from the Biblical person “Barnabas,” meaning “The Encourager”
  • Uses psychospiritual approaches to behavioral health care that treats the whole person – mind, body and spirit
  • Employs accepted psychological/psychiatric behavioral health treatment combined with Biblical insights and teaching
  • Is voluntary for those persons who choose to participate in the program
  • Uses trained clinical staff who believe in Judeo-Christian principles

To access the Program as an individual seeking help or to refer someone for a free psychiatric assessment, please call The Saint Francis Hospital Clinical Assessment Center at (901) 765-1400.