Mazor Robotic Spine Surgery 
Thursday, 29 August 2013 



What is the Mazor RenaissanceTM spine robot?

RenaissanceTM is Mazor Robotics’ guidance system that allows surgeons to perform any spine surgery, from the simplest to the most complex, safely, accurately and efficiently.  It can reduce radiation, lower complication rates, reduce pain and enable faster recovery for patients.


Why should my surgery be performed using the Mazor robot?

Although statistics show that spine surgeries are generally quite successful, RenaissanceTM takes spine procedures to the next level with its consistent accuracy.  Independent scientific research has shown that Mazor Roboitics technology can increase surgical accuracy, lower complication rates, reduce pain, and aide in faster recovery with a quicker return to daily activities when compared to open, freehand surgeries.

What is the difference between traditional spine surgery and this minimally invasive procedure?

In open surgery, the spine is exposed through a large incision to allow a full view and access.  Based on your CT-scan, your surgeon may be able to use the RenaissanceTM advanced 3D planning software to plan the optimal surgery customized for your anatomy and diagnosis.  Once in the operating room, RenaissanceTM guides your surgeon precisely to the preplanned anatomical location where intervention is necessary.

RenaissanceTM is not independent and does not cut or perform any action on your body.  Only your surgeon performs the required procedures such as placing implants.  Your surgeon is in full control of the system at all times.  Also, at any stage, your surgeon can decide to continue without the assistance of the RenaissanceTM.

Types of spinal surgeries performed using the RenaissanceTM include:

Open, MIS, & percutaneous posterior thoracolumbar approaches

Scoliosis and other complex spinal deformities

Pedicle screws – short and long fusions

Transfacet screws and translaminar-facet screws