Tobacco Free in November 
Tuesday, 30 October 2007 

Saint Francis Hospitals Are “Tobacco Free”

    We are excited to announce that Saint Francis Healthcare and its facilities are now “Tobacco Free”! Tobacco use of any kind is no longer permitted anywhere on our properties. This includes inside and outside of hospitals, clinics and medical buildings; parking lots and the Memphis campus parking garage. The ban includes sidewalks and curbs that border the Saint Francis Hospital-Memphis and Saint Francis Hospital-Bartlett campuses. We no longer offer approved smoking locations. Employees, physicians, volunteers, vendors, patients and visitors are expected to comply with this new policy. 
    In many ways, this tobacco free initiative is the right thing to do. As a provider of medical care, Saint Francis feels an obligation to provide a healthy environment for its employees, patients and visitors. In addition, we have an obligation to set an example for health and wellness in our community. Although we feel it is in everyone’s best interest for smokers to make a decision to quit their habit, we do respect the rights of smokers and are not requiring anyone to stop using tobacco. We are only saying that we cannot allow tobacco use on our property. 
    “As health care providers, we have an obligation to be role models for good health to the communities we serve,” said Michael Lachina, M.D., chief medical officer for Saint Francis Hospital and chair of the Citywide Tobacco Free Steering Committee. “We feel an obligation to the community to promote and encourage healthy lifestyle choices.” 
    This “Tobacco Free” initiative is a citywide effort and involves all healthcare providers in the Memphis area. In addition to Saint Francis Healthcare, the following institutions have become "Tobacco Free": Methodist Healthcare, Baptist Memorial Healthcare, Delta Medical Center, the Memphis VA Medical Center, The MED, Memphis Mental Health Institute, the Southern College of Optometry, and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. 
    If you have questions or would like more information regarding Saint Francis Healthcare’s decision to go tobacco free, please email us via our website or call our Marketing Department at (901) 765-1988.