Nurses Recognized for Clinical Excellence 

ACE Clinical Ladders Graduates - March 2010

Saint Francis Hospital-Memphis Recognizes Nurses for Clinical Excellence

   Saint Francis Hospital-Memphis recently recognized their latest group of staff nurses to complete the hospital's "Achieving Clinical Excellence (ACE)" clinical ladders program.  "These focused individuals are an excellent representation of the skilled and dedicated nurses who provide quality bedside care at Saint Francis," said David Archer, CEO.  "We are proud of our March 2010 graduates and congratulate them on their achievement."

   The goal of the ACE program is to provide registered nurses with an opportunity to further develop their skills and achieve excellence in bedside patient care.  Participants experience professional growth and development, motivation, and recognition for their accomplishments.

   There are five levels of involvement in the ACE program. Each level requires an increased commitment to specific activities that help fine-tune the participants’ nursing skills.  Each participant decides their level of involvement, then strives to achieve excellence in professionalism, education, community, leadership, research, and clinical practice.  They are coached by members of the ACE Review Committee who offer encouragement and help with time management and activity selection.

   "Completing ACE clinical ladders isn't easy," said Cammie Hughes, RN, Program Coordinator, "but all of those who participate will tell you that the personal, professional and clinical rewards are well worth the effort."

   In addition to personal and professional recognition, successful ACE nurses receive a cash bonus based on their level of achievement.