Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit 

Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit

The Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit at Saint Francis Hospital-Memphis is a 29-bed unit specializing in physical rehabilitation. The unit's goal is to help patients carry out daily living activities with the greatest possible independence. The Rehabilitation Team includes a group of professionals from various disciplines who coordinate their services in order to provide patients with an individualized program that meets their specific needs. The patient's team may consist of any or all of the following:

· Physical Therapist
· Occupational Therapist
· Speech-Language Pathologist
· Rehabilitation Nurse
· Psychologist
· Case Manager
· Social Worker
· Registered Dietician

The patient's Team Leader is a medical doctor with expertise in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

Admission Information
Patients come to the Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit by way of physician referral. Patients are then evaluated to determine whether they meet the following criteria:

· Stable medical condition
· Functional deficits with potential for improvement that require the services of an 
  interdisciplinary team. This includes the need for 24-hour rehabilitation nursing.
· Ability to tolerate three hours of therapy per day
· Ability to follow simple directions

Discharge Information
Plans for discharge begin with admission. The Rehabilitation Team discusses the patient's rehabilitation goals in order to create an Individualized Treatment Plan. Team members discuss this plan with the patient on a weekly basis. Care coordinators strive to make the patient's transition home as smooth as possible by arranging for any equipment and services that may be needed. The patient's family is also actively involved in the patient's goal settings, treatment plan, and discharge plan.

For more information, contact the Inpatient Rehabilitation Center at (901) 765-2400. The Program Director may be reached at (901) 765-2449.