Versant RN Residency Press Release 
Thursday, 21 August 2008 

First Hospital in State of Tennessee to Adopt Versant RN Residency™ to Improve, Better Prepare, and Recruit New Nurses 

    Saint Francis Hospital-Memphis announced that it is the first facility in the state to of Tennessee to offer the Versant RN Residency™, an evidence-based, outcome-driven education solution to support their nursing workforce. Saint Francis Hospital has adopted the Residency program to increase the number of new nurse applicants, bolster the confidence and competence of new nurses, and standardize the delivery of quality patient care. 

    The first class in the Versant RN Residency program at Saint Francis Hospital-Memphis is scheduled to begin September 15, 2008 with more than 20 nurses participating in the rigorous 18-week training program. The Versant RN Residency program features support from a network of senior nurses to ensure that RN residents are well-equipped to deliver quality patient care. Mastery of critical thinking skills, coordination of care, and time management are among the numerous core competencies that must be met as part of the successful completion of the residency. 

    “With the Versant RN Residency we are now able to measure confidence and competence levels at each step of the new RN’s journey, thereby bridging the gap between academia and clinician,” said Kay Willis, Chief Nursing Officer at Saint Francis. “We are excited to be the first center in the state to offer this skill set to recent nursing graduates. From ongoing evaluations,
coordination of training for residents and preceptors, as well as the opportunity to provide veteran nurses with the chance to mentor enthusiastic new hires entering the field, the residency truly is a comprehensive solution and a superior way to hire new nurse graduates.” 

    “We are thrilled to be working towards the shared goal of improving the learning environment for all nurses,” said Charles Krozek, RN, MN, president and managing director of Versant. “The Versant RN Residency is structured to bolster clinical confidence and competence among new RN professionals. As the first site in the state of Tennessee, Saint Francis Hospital can now empower its seasoned RNs by leveraging their expertise amid new RNs with the goal of achieving long-term professional development and retention among these future nurse leaders, while increasing and maintaining patient satisfaction.”

    For more information about the Versant RN Residency Program at Saint Francis Hospital-Memphis, contact our Human Resources office at 901-765-1951.

About Versant
Versant was founded in response to the severe national shortage of experienced nurses. Designed by nurses for nurses, Versant is a leading provider of integrated, evidence-based solutions that assist hospitals with achieving nursing excellence and stabilizing their RN workforce, thereby contributing to the organization's strategic objectives and financial goals. Versant leverages technology in measuring and tracking professional growth accurately and efficiently through Voyager™, a web-portal that provides residency participants and staff with access to tools and data. Versant’s clients include Advocate Illinois Medical Center, Seton Health System, Carondelet Health Network, Baptist Health of South Florida, Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital and Northridge Hospital Medical Center. For more information on the Versant RN Residency, please visit: