2008 Veterans Day Press Release 
Wednesday, 26 November 2008 


    In honor of the men and women who have served the United States through military service, Saint Francis Hospital – Memphis was host to a special Veteran’s Day celebration. On Tuesday, November 11th , from 8am until 4 pm, in the main lobby, wartime memorabilia (mostly World War II) was displayed along with a “missing man” table in honor of those who did not return from war. Saint Francis also made SR-180 forms available to those individuals who would like to do research on a veteran or replace wartime medals. 
    “It is important to our hospital to remember those who have sacrificed so that Americans can enjoy a better way of life”, says Linda Knight, Volunteer Manager. “Providing the SR-180 form is just one of the great ways we’re honoring servicemen, because it educates people about government assistance for those who are seeking more information about past wars and veterans.” 
    On this day of celebration, Saint Francis Volunteer Auxiliary ladies traveled throughout the hospital offering coffee and donuts to staff and visitors. As “Donut Dollies”, the ladies were reminiscent of the ladies who delivered fresh donuts and other treats to soldiers at war. The Auxiliary also be served cake to all in the cafeteria during the lunch hour. 
    The Saint Francis annual Veteran’s Day festivities are always free and open to the public. Korean War veterans and the wife of a World War II veteran were on hand to talk with visitors and the media.

&ltCENTERSIMGCAPTION>(l to r) Carolyn Roberts, Volunteer and veteran's widow; Linda Knight, Volunteer Manager and Veteran's Day coordinator; Slaughter Brown, SFH-M employee and Korean War Veteran</CENTERSIMGCAPTION>