Saint Francis Center for Surgical Weight Loss 
Virginia Weaver, MD, Bariatric Surgeon Robert Wegner, MD, Bariatric Surgeon 

Saint Francis Hospital-Memphis is pleased to offer Gastric Bypass Surgery as part of a comprehensive program for Surgical Weight Loss.  Our program was developed to treat clinically severe obesity by using some of the latest surgical options and technologies available.  Our team consists of compassionate physicians, nurse practioners, nurses, dietitians, and technicians trained in working with weight management issues.  These dedicated professionals focus on providing solutions that can meet the health care and education needs of the individual patient.    

Surgical weight loss solutions are designed for those who are approximately 100 pounds or more overweight and have a body mass index equal to or greater than 40, or equal to or greater than 35 with serious comorbidities.

Utilizing a laparoscopic procedure to perform the Roux-en-Y Gastric BypassAdjustable Gastric Banding, or Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy methods of bariatric surgery may afford the patient a shorter hospital stay, less painful recovery, and quicker return to work. For more information about these procedures, click here.

Saint Francis Hospital’s Center for Surgical Weight Loss has been designated a “Center of Excellence” by the American Society of Bariatric Surgery (ASBS).  The stated mission of ASBS is “to promote the delivery of bariatric surgical care with the highest levels of efficacy, efficiency and safety.”  At this writing, the Saint Francis facility is the only ASBS designated “Center of Excellence” in Memphis and only one of four in the state of Tennessee.

To register for one of our FREE surgical weight loss seminars, call (901) 765-1849.

To learn more about our program, click here or call 881-0602 or 1-866-765-3040.  You may also email Leslie Albers, RN, Program Coordinator, at